Upcoming Event!

On Saturday, February 10, 2018, members and friends of the Diocese of Western Anglicans are invited to join together in a day of Mission Partnership. The purpose for this event is to build awareness of, and participation in, the mission priorities being pursued by the Diocese of Western Anglicans.  These priorities include: Anglican Urban Initiative... Continue Reading →

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Six Peak Challenge Hikes: What to expect

Each of the hikes planned for this Day of Mission Partnership will be challenging!  They involve rough and rocky trails, slippery slopes, and distances ranging from two to five miles.  Those planning to participate should be in good physical condition, wear proper clothes and shoes, and bring water.  For specific information on each hike, download... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Anglican in Thailand

In August of 2017, Holy Spirit Church sent a team of three people to encourage and assist the ministry of the Anglican Church in Thailand!  In addition to joining in the ongoing activities of the Lat Krabang Anglican Church, team members assisted with Bethlemhem House youth leadership program, the hospitality ministry of Shalem House, and... Continue Reading →

Which Games Worked Best?

Someone recently asked us which games worked best. Both Jenna and Chris had some thoughts on this. Jenna writes: Chris can comment as he remembers, but I know that Sequence, In A Pickle, Pandemic, Spot It, and Tsuro were played multiple times. Apples to Apples was fun and will be good for teaching English, but... Continue Reading →

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